Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Are The Odds

As I have motioned before I have won $500 playing Set for Life Scratch Lottery.  I have never won anything playing Mega Millions or Power Ball lottery so that comes as a big surprise to me especially since the ODDS for winning Five Hundred Dollars are 1 to 1,750

Set for Life Instant Game – I’m up $530 and I bought only 6 tickets.  That is something!

After that I decided that since it’s all not really my money per se I can buy one ticket a week without any sense of guilt.  So I did.  That was quite a disappointment.  Most of the tickets that I bought where not successful ones for 4 month.Most but not all.   

I have to tell you that I did win 2 times $50, a few times $20 and 5-7 times $10

I’m not counting but to this day I’m still up about $350

One day I have realized that the tickets come in plastic-wrapped packs when they come to the lotto stand.  I was buying 2 tickets and the guy said “I have only one from the old stack; I’m going to open a new one.  Do you want both tickets from the same stack or you don’t care”.  I said that I don’t care, however, I thought that he was asking me because some people do care that the tickets are bought in a row.

Set for Life Lottery $100 Experiment

That’s why I’m going to conduct this experiment. I will invest $100 into 10 Set for Life Lottery Tickets each value of $10.  They will be bought from the same instant ticket stack and attached to each other.  I’ll scratch one lotto ticket each day and see what my Return on Investment will be. At the end of the experiment I will tally the result and draw a conclusion whatever it might be. 

After I’m done with this experiment I will conduct another one where I will buy 10 Set for Life tickets separately and do the overall comparison.  

That should be fun.  Enjoy!  I know I will :)

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