Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I Won Five Hundred Dollars

First time I played Set for Life instant lottery was about half a year ago.  Let me tell you I’m not a gambler, let me repeat that I’m really not a gambler, to the point that I don’t even play Megamillions or Power Ball, not even for a $1. Frankly, you always laugh at the joke where the guy prays to God every single day to win and when he dies extremely disappointed God tells him “But you never bought a ticket”.  Well, that is me.  I just never buy any lottery tickets, never check winning numbers, don’t wait anxiously for lottery drawing, and don’t calculate the odds.  At least that was me until 6 month ago.  I still don’t buy Mega Millions or Power Ball New York Lottery as lots of people do but I do buy Set for Life scratch-off lottery ticket once in a while.  Let me tell you how I started.

We had a steamy argument with my friends about odds.  I don’t really understand it fully and I don’t think many people do too.  I did read a Lotto article on internet a while back about Set for Life instant game and the author was sort of going into details that overall chances of winning Set for Life is 1 in 3.95.  Of course the article was more about that it’s impossible to win the main prize since the odds are like 6 million plus and so on.  In any event, just as an experiment, I decided to buy a lottery ticket to try.

# 1 - As a person who never plays lottery I did not even know that $10 lottery tickets existed.  I thought it was always $1 :)  I went to lotto kiosk and bought a Set for Life instant lottery ticket before getting on the bus to go back home after work.  As I was riding the bus I pulled out a scratch-off lotto ticket but I could not find a coin to scratch off.  I knew that people do that :) So I got my car keys and did all the scratching very uncomfortably on my lap with a tip of the key.  

#2 - To my surprise I won $20.  WOW!!!  100% return! This is the first time I ever win!  Since I have doubled my money I don’t feel bad to buy another one, but I don’t want to turn into a gambler so I wait until the end of the week to buy another one.  (I did redeem the lottery ticket the next day, and when the guy said “Another one?” I proudly said “No, thanks! I’ll get cash”)

#3 - Next one I bought and won $10.  So I’m still up $10.  OK, this is getting interesting, I thought :)  I don’t believe in luck, so I’m thinking that must be the odds, which I’m also very skeptical about.  So within about 3 weeks I bought a few more tickets.  I lost $10 and won $30.  Still up on my winnings!

#4 - And than I bought a Set for Life ticket which I forgot to scratch-off on the bus.  I remembered about it when I was walking back home from the bus stop.   As always very uncomfortably with my car keys this time using my palm as support I scratched off the instant ticket and instead of the numbers I see a STAR.  As a lot of people I don’t read instructions thoroughly before I do anything, so I start reading instructions now.  It talks about star that is 10 times the prize.  For some reason I think that it does not apply to me and I’m about to through away the ticket … but I’m walking at the moment and  there is now garbage bin anywhere so I’m reading it over and over again.  To make the story sort I had $50 as a prize, times 10, which makes it $500.  WOW!!!  I don’t even know why I thought that the star is nothing.  Trust me I’m a well-educated person with college degree and do read well :) 

6 Lottery Tickets Bought / Money spent - $60 / Money won - $590 / Total Winnings - $530

Set for Life Instant Game – I’m up $530 and I bought only 6 tickets.  That is something!

If you have won anything playing Set for Life please share

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