Monday, November 28, 2011

100 Dollar Experiment - Ticket #9

Set for Life Lottery - $100 Experiment (Tickets Bought In a Row)

This is Day 9 of our Hundred Dollar Lottery Experiment where I'm going to reveal 10 Set for Life instant lottery tickets one by one.  The lotto tickets have been bought sequentially from the same stack.

Set for Live Lottery Ticket #9

Only 1 Set for Life Lottery Ticket has won!!!
So far 7 out of 8 lottery tickets have won us absolutely nothing ... Let's see what the 9th ticket will reveal.

This lotto ticket bring us no wining as well.  May be the next one will be it! :) Tomorrow  I will reveal the next one.  We'll see were this experiment will take us :)

  Let's see what tomorrow will bring when I try to scratch Set for Life ticket #10.


  1. Replies
    1. has anyone noticed that every game there is nearly 3 consecutive numbers,that's bullshit,my opinion something is fishy about this game.

  2. What is? Roman, have you played Set for Life? What is your conclusion?