Monday, November 28, 2011

100 Dollar Experiment - Ticket #10

Set for Life Lottery - $100 Experiment (Tickets Bought In a Row)

This is Day 10 THE FINAL DAY of our Hundred Dollar Lottery Experiment where I have scratched 9 Set for Life instant lottery tickets one by one and today I will conclude the experiment by scratching and reveling what the final 10th ticket will bring.  REMINDER: All lotto tickets have been bought sequentially from the same stack.

Set for Live Lottery Ticket #10

Only 1 Set for Life Lottery Ticket has won!!!
So far 8 out of 9 lottery tickets have won us absolutely nothing ... Let's see what the 10th AND FINAL ticket will reveal.

WOW!  This is something - This lotto ticket bring us $0 wining as well. 

Let's recap:

Spent: $100 
Ticket #1 - $0
Ticket #2 - $0
Ticket #3 - $0
Ticket #4 - $0
Ticket #5 - $0
Ticket #6 - $25
Ticket #7 - $0
Ticket #8 - $0
Ticket #9 - $0
Ticket #10 - $0
TOTAL Loss - $75

$100 Set for Life Lottery (In-a-row) Experiment has finished with a total loss of $75

The next experiment that we will conduct will the to by $100 IN TOTAL of Set for Life Tickets at RANDOM.  We shall see how it will measure up to the Sequential Tickets bought from the same stack.  

Let me know if you have conducted any of that sort of experiments. It would be interesting to know what was your outcome.



  1. I bought two set of set for life lottery ticket from two different location. The cash prizes were $500 and $100.

  2. O.B, Congratulations!!! Where did you buy it? In NYC?

  3. hope i win so i can give god ten percent of my earnings

  4. Pls let me win..... good luck to me,